Profile and Photo

3.1 Can I use a nickname in my profile?
3.2 Will you release my contact information in my profile?
3.3 I have difficulty in uploading my photo, any help?
3.4 important of photo

3.1 Can I use a nickname in my profile?

Frankly speaking, all the members on our website are supposed to use his real name in the profile. You know, our website is for serious relationship leading to marriage, and we have quite complicated procedure to verify the lady's profile, so she will also be expecting the same from the gentleman.

Honesty, love and trust are the most important matters expected in a relationship. Giving a good impression at the very beginning is the first step to work out a wonderful relationship.

3.2 Will you release my contact information in my profile?

According to our policy, the privacy of all the members in our website will be honored strictly, and we will not reveal any other contact information to the third party. For the last few years, we have been doing a good job in maintaining our client's privacy.

So far, we have not received any report concerning safe issue about contact information, and we have confidence to say that this will continue to be our unswerving policy in the future.

In consideration of your safety and privacy, you are also required not to leave your contact information in your personal description.

3.3 I have difficulty in uploading my photo, any help?

If you have difficulty in uploading your photo, please be sure that your follow the guidelines below:
1) Each image should be in JPG file, with its size between 20k and 600k.
2) Your photo should have YOU inside.
3) Do not upload a nude photo. We reserve the right to delete such kind of photo.

Or if you have difficulty in updating your photo, it is probable that you have just uploaded it, which has not been approved by us. We will examine and verify your photo within 24 hours after you uploaded it. During the 24 hours, you will not be able to update it.

If you, for any reason, are not able to upload / update your photo, please contact our customer care.

3.4 The following types of pictures will be prohibited, please check your avatars first

Blurred pictures

no main characters


obscene and violent contents

3.5 Importance of photo

Pay attention to the following questionnaire

option Mate-selecting Notion of Male Member Mate-selecting Notion of Female Member
1.Would you like to use photo-selecting option while searching?
Yes, I just want to search for the members with photos 78% 65%
Either is OK 20% 34%
2.When you find some members with similar conditions, would you prefer to connect with the members with photos?
Surely, I would rather to connect with the members with photos 74% 56%
Usually I would decide after reading their profiles 16% 28%
Not sure 9% 15%
3.Why would you prefer to choose the members with photos?
Members with photos are more veritable 66% 55%
Members with photos are more authentic 28% 17%
Photos can tell me something about their personal life 43% 48%
A good impression is very important in hunting for spouses 51% 51%
Honestly, I care more about the appearance of my future spouse 28% 14%

You can see how important the photo is from this questionnaire. 78% of men want to search for the ladies with photos; 74% of men would rather to connect with the ones with photos among the ladies with similar conditions they find; 66% of men think ladies with photos are more veritable; and 51% of men take a good impression very important in hunting for spouses. The photo has indeed play an important role in long-distance communication. Only if you leave a good impression to others by photos at first, you could find an ideal life partner soon. Sometimes, you may not find a perfect life partner though you are very excellent without good photos. Therefore, we have made a detailed standard for you to take good photos here, to help you win more click rate and choices.

Requirement of photo type:artificial life photo and high-caliber real ordinary photo

1.Artificial life photo (it is better to be taken by the professional photographer)

 1)Remarks:It does not need too much modification, you can wear common clothes, and play simple pose, and invite the photographer to come home for photographing if possible. We must admit that the professional photographer are able to capture your most appealing image in a better way, but remember: it does not mean“the more expensive, the better”. price indication: 15-18 yuan for each

2)Requirement of quantity: Indoor: 10 photos meeting the requirements, 5 of which can be the head portrait, the other 5 of whole body. Outdoor: 20 photos meeting our requirements Attention! The photos indoor and outdoor should be without too big contrast, it is the best for both to be taken by the same photographer, and in the same period.

2.Requirement of quality:

1)Makeup look: you'd better put on a beautiful make-up, it will do great help to you on camera. The foreign men will always admire the ones with proper make-up in photos. Contrarily, they would have doubt on those with excessive make-up. So you can ask professional makeup girl for help before taking photos. You could also ask some female friends for suggestion.

2)Hairstyle: please invite a professional hair stylist to design a special fair style which suits your facial form.

3)Clothes: please prepare more suits, especially some mellow clothes, such as dress, cheongsam and so on. You'd better not choose the wedding or evening dress provided by the photographic studio. You can change the clothes while photographing. The clothes should be used to cover your shortcomings, and give prominence to the strong points of your body.

4)Please smile most, and keep your countenance natural. Assure most if your photos are taken frontally, to attract more men by your tender, kind eyes.

5)Please play natural pose, don't be too factitious. Let the photographer capture the casual and natural moment.

6)Glasses may destroy the overall beauty, so bleary-eyed ladies had better drop it off while photographing.

7)Please drop your ring off while photographing, remember you are single now.

8)Choose some real backdrop while indoor photographing, such as sitting on sofa or chair. The setting should be bright, and harmonize with your clothes.

9)From the point of environmental protection, please don't stand on the lawn or hold some flowers picked from tree while outdoor photographing,.

10)It is enough for photographer to adjust the complexion in late photo modification, don't make it too different from that in your common life. old ladies can remain some wrinkle on your canthus in the photo, it will seem more veritable.

3.Recent real ordinary photo:

It can be some scene such as being together with your family, staying with your kids, working, meeting with friends or enjoying an outdoor activity in the photo.

2)Requirement of quantity:
As much as possible. The quantity should be the same with that of your interests.  top