Account Settings

 How do I set my account to attract more ladies?
Once you have completed the registration on our site, you have already made the first step in seeking your potential mate. Then what you should do is to set your account to attract more ladies.

Firstly, you are suggested to provide accurate, updated and complete information in your profile.
Ladies will usually expect as much information as possible from a gentleman in his profile description. If you have details of your interests and hobbies and your preference of an ideal mate, you are actually showing ladies that you are sincerely seeking a serious relationship here. This will help to increase your chance of getting ladies' interest.

Secondly, we advise that you upload one of your photos to your profile.
Try to find one that you look good and smile. We notice that the profiles with photos usually get twenty times more attention and mails from the ladies than those without any photo!

Thirdly, it is recommended that you keep your profile more active.
You can set your profile status as "Visible" so that you can receive initiative contact from ladies. If you wish to receive more, we suggest you refreshing your profile on a regular basis and logging into your account as frequently as possible. What's more, adding the ladies to your interest at your "favorite" list can also encourage them to send you Admiration Letters.

Can I continue to contact ladies after hiding my profile?
yes. Hiding your profile will not affect your communication with ladies. You can continue to send wink,  mails .