Privacy and Safety

Q:   What is Chinalovelink's policy for authentic and honest service?
A:   1) Chinalovelink pays the services, for example, translating and forwarding the Mail Through Train  etc., which are offered by the service providers in our company and  we has imposed strict measures on them to ensure the service quality.
2) Quality service is the key to Chinalovelink's success. So we put efforts on fighting against all dishonest behaviours of  staff which violate our measures and procedures and lead to any harm to our reputation as well as the confidence of our clients .
So, we urge you to report any suspicious cases or unsatisfying services.We guarantee that all the complaints from our clients will be investigated.

Q:   What measures does Chinalovelink adopt to protect my privacy or safety?
   Chhinaloveliink is committed to safeguarding your privacy and safety online.

we are required to keep confidential your privacy and never expose your private information to the third party. Besides, to protect your privacy, we have adopted strict policies to supervise the operation of each Staff
 For more information, you may have a look at our Privacy Policy.
Besides, your online transaction security is also guaranteed.
To protect your privacy, we use highly secure order processing provided by trustworthy and reliable third-party billing company. This means your credit card information is entered using a secure server, and transferred internally using PGP, the most powerful encryption available. Your customer details may not be sold or made available to anyone else and your card details are only know by our order processors.

To be frank, many of our clients pay us with their credit cards and they are quite satisfied with our reliable and efficient service. So, please rest assured about the online payment security.

Q:   How do I protect my privacy or safety during the relationship with my lady?
A:    We do make every effort to eliminate dishonesty and insincerity, but while seeking for a life-long partner online, it is still really crucial for you to protect yourself from possible deceits.

You are suggested to:
1) only provide your contact information to someone you can trust.
2) find out the lady you are dating with as much as possible.
3) consider deliberatively before sending money to the lady you have not met in person.

We notice many sincere clients are willing to provide financial support to their beloved ladies. They send money or valuable presents to their ladies before meeting them in person. Please be aware that you may take a risk in doing so.
Before meeting your lady face to face, please be careful when:
1) Your lady implicitly or explicitly asks for your financial support and hope you send her money by any reason.
2) Your lady or anyone else sends you an email claiming that there is another agency which can help you communicate with your lady better at a cheaper price.
In a word, you should be careful of any request of money from someone you have not met in person.

We Chinalovelink are sincere to give you the pieces of advice above, but it doesn't mean that all ladies having the same request are dishonest or insincere. However, it is difficult for us to find out whether your lady financial problem is true or not. So you are highly suggested to meet your lady before making your decision to provide her financial aid.

We also notice that you may get a little confused when you received a request of money from your lady. You may understand that it is risky to send her money, but also worry that your relationship may get hurt if you don't send her money. We Chinalovelink are pleased to give you a helping hand if you are puzzled by this problem. You may refuse your lady's request by replying her in this way:

"Sorry, Chinalovelink advises its clients not to send money to a lady before meeting with her. If I break this rule, you will be probably removed from So let's discuss this matter when we meet, OK?"
We believe any sincere lady will understand you when receiving your reply like this.

Besides, if you are requested to send money to anyone by any reason, please inform us as soon as possible. It is our pleasure to provide you some advice regarding your concern.

In accordance with our Terms of Use, you are solely responsible for your dating behavior when using our services. In case you send money to your lady or someone else, which results in possible loss by your own side, we are not liable for this. Please mind your dating behavior carefully.  

Q:    Can my privacy be protected if I am contacting with more than one lady?
A:    Of course, there are strict rules to prevent us from revealing your profiles. But ladies may know you are keeping in touch with several other ladies sometimes, it is normal. As to the impression of the ladies towards you, we can not help it.

Q:   What should I do if I am not satisfied with the service provided by the staff?
A:   In that case, please file a complaint. We will put your complaint to our top priority and carry out prompt investigation. We have an individual section dedicated to this issue.    top